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Experts in the the principal issues that affect and enhance the success of Women in Sales.


Helping you Achieve Your Women in Sales Initiatives




DARBI is a process for helping organizations assess their people processes related to attracting, hiring, retaining and developing their women in sales talent. It’s not rocket science, but every step is critical. We look at your organization through our unique lens using the combined experience of our team with subject matter experts in the experience of women in B2B sales, sales success, human resources, talent development, organizational development and change management.


While women are eminently capable of doing whatever a man can do, we believe they are more successful and fulfilled when they do it authentically, using techniques and skills that play to their strengths. Sales roles, especially in traditionally male-dominated industries, continue to be disproportionately held by males. As companies seek to balance their workforce and add more women to their sales teams, they may find the women that join them aren’t reaching their potential or are dissatisfied in a culture that was built by and for men.

This course is packed with techniques, skills, and practices that can help women THRIVE in these roles by directly addressing existing barriers and leveraging inherent strengths to build relationships and influence business decision-makers.