Elevate Your Sales If you've ever felt like you don't measure up in sales as a woman, you're not alone. Far too many of us have felt like impostors at one point or another, as if we're on the outside looking in rather than in the heart of it all. But why let that stand in your way when you can learn to own your presence as a woman in sales? Living as a woman in a man's world doesn't have to hold you back. When you want to excel in sales, Barnes Sales Institute is ready to show you the ropes in the best way we know how. As a top-rated sales resource for women, by women, we're here to help you make a name for yourself, no matter who you are or where you're going. Who We Are Founded by Cynthia Barnes, an accomplished saleswoman who paved her own path to empowerment in a traditionally male-dominated field, Barnes Sales Institute can offer decades of experience, proven techniques, and insider sales resources to transform you into the best saleswoman you can be. Our team is comprised of other industry leaders, teachers, coaches, and mentors, providing the guidance women in sales need to get ahead in a competitive world. Who We Help Barnes Sales Institute is a resource for all corporate sales professionals working in a B2B capacity who want to transcend industry stereotypes and norms. We know how cutthroat the world of sales can be, especially as a woman. That's why we can work with you every step of the way, applying tools and techniques that will help you to create a commanding, forceful presence. We want you to succeed, and our industry expertise can ensure you reach – and exceed! – your goals. How We Help At Barnes Sales Institute we're here to be your partner, your friend, and your support system, teaching you everything you need to know to build connections rather than simply regurgitate pitches. Our women to women sales coaching methods are customizable and creative, guiding you through even the most challenging situations to help you come out on top. Through our sales enablement process, we can use a combination of experience, data analytics, and progressive technologies to help women create a foundation for continued success. If you're ready to seize control of your career, we're ready to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about how the Barnes Sales Institute can help you take charge of your future.
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"I watched Cynthia from the back of the room as I volunteered for Detroit Start Up week. She presented on the Power of Linked In. I told a high school friend of mine about her and her exact words were "she is the REAL DEAL". I have been working with Cynthia for the last 3 weeks and she is the REAL DEAL. Selling is not my strong suite but with Cynthia's guidance, wisdom and vast knowledge of sales and business building my business has grown by LEAPS and BOUNDS." VANITA SANDERS, CEO | BEYOND A DIPLOMA "I met Cynthia at a Build Institute Event back In December 2016; and immediately I knew, after her 60 second Introduction, that I wanted to work with her! I hired her with 2 weeks to train a sales exec at MCS Multimedia, and a phenomenal job she did. Went above & beyond to elaborate, connect and understand what we sold to make sure we properly relayed what and who MCS Multimedia was. I HIGHLY recommend Cynthia. Patient, Hard Working, Consistent and Flexible; she was truly a dream come true." ELIZABETH MAYS, CEO, | MCS MULTIMEDIA
"Cynthia has been my sales coach for a couple months and I have seen a tremendous growth in my sales confidence already. She is personable and professional in her coaching style, which fosters respect and learning. Her training truly develops women to know who their target market is, how to effectively approach them, and create a strong relationship. She creates a warm and inviting atmosphere during the sessions, so you always feel comfortable expressing any nervousness, concerns, or ideas." JENNA JANSEN, QUICKEN LOANS
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